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31st July 2012

RWDecal is unrestricted and 100% free. Enjoy!

21st July 2011 - Version 2.2.6 Now Available!

A new version of RWDecal is available. It includes minor bug fixes and a german translation of the manual.

To get the latest version simply visit the download page. As always existings licenses are still valid with the new version

24th March 2011

OMSIDecal! Well.... not sure yet but I am thinking about making a seperate program to make single very large image for use in OMSI Editor as background images making real world routes and maps easily achievable. The idea came from Jason (UKTS JasonM). Big thank you to him.


Early investigations show that I can make RWDecal do what is required to make an image for OMSI but that a large re-write of the interface will be required. This is why it would have to be a completely new program.


I have not decided yet if I will make an OMSIDecal. If you have any views (for or against an OMSIDecal) or ideas of what it should do and how then why not send me an email OMSI@rwdecal.co.uk. If there is enough interest I might give it a go.


Here is a sample image.

***CAUTION*** This image is 17.3Mb and very large 9879 x 9862 pixels. It covers 5km x 5km of Leeds (UK) City Centre.

11th February 2011

New version of RWDecal released with new features and improvements.


There is an interesting new feature in this version which is best understood by Watch this tutorial video to find out more on one of the key additions to RWDecal.

28th January 2011

Finally managed to get all the bugs ironed out of the next release so it has now gone to the translators to update.


There is an interesting new feature in this version which is best understood by watching this tutorial video. I am hopeful the new version will be released on 14th February 2011.

10th October 2010

RWDecal 2.1.13 released. Added Portuguese translation and updated German translation along with a bug fix

7th October 2010

RWDecal 2.1.12 released. Just a minor bug fix for the Hide Decals feature.

6th October 2010

RWDecal 2.1.11 released. New features and compatability with latest Google Earth. Available from the download page.

27th May 2010

RWDecal 2.1.7 released with improved debugging

20th May 2010

RWDecal 2.1.6 released with decal removal, route backup and Danish translation added

3rd March 2010

Danish translation completed and added to the build ready for next release.

3rd March 2010

Gallery pages updated with 3 new galleries.

15th February 2010

Danish translation being generated

15th February 2010

New version released 2.1.2. Visit the download page for full details.

27th January 2010

Swedish translation complete and added to next build. Also moved license information to a seperate file to prevent loss when users upgrade.

8th January 2010

Darren Porter (author of Newcastle to York - Modern) is the first route author to demonstrate how they use RWDecal. Take a look at the Gallery Page for screenshots, information and links.

8th January 2010

RWDecal 2.1.0 released to the public

5th January 2010

A new version of RWDecal is under beta testing. Simplified UTM correction of decals has been implemented and many other improvements to further improve the user experiance. Intial work on placing decals directly into RailWorks / RailSimulator has also been done.

11th December 2009

Italian and English - British documentation now available to download from the support page. Thank you to Ettore Grua for his work.

10th December 2009

Dutch translation finished. A big thank you to Erwin Lansbergen for all his hard work. The Dutch translation will be available in the next build of RWDecal.

4th December 2009

RWDecal 2.0.12 released lots of improvements. Just take a look at the download page for full details. RWDecal and UKTrainSim have also teamed up to offer an alternative to PayPal and you also get discounted UKTrainSim membership thrown in for good measure. What could be better than supporting both RWDecal and UKTrainSim. See the donate page for full details.

1st December 2009

Spanish translation completed and added to build for next release. Offers of translation into Italian and Dutch also received and intial configuration for this completed.

30th November 2009

RWDecal 2.0.11 sent to beta testers hopefully ony minor changes before next release.

18th November 2009

I have been working on a special offer for those of you that have not purchased an RWDecal licence. Keep your eyes open for the next release!

18th November 2009

French translation completed by Daniel Petitjean. This will be included in the next release of RWDecal

17th November 2009

German translation for RWDecal has been completed. This will be included in the next release of RWDecal

16th November 2009

RWDecal 2.0.8 went to the beta testers